Awolnation the concert

Awolnation. The concert.


There are times when I don’t read books and stay in the house. Here in my city we hosted Pvris (paris), Awolnation and Fall Out Boy. I have to say I was most excited about seeing Awolnation. I have long been a screaming fan of theirs.

My husband bought me 2 tickets for Christmas. We had no money for Christmas this year, so I was so shocked that I got them. I mean, I screamed. Then I had to wait 3 months to see them.

Now, Awolnation has been here before, but I didn’t get to see them for whatever reason I don’t know. I don’t listen to the radio, so I didn’t even know they were here. Our city loves them and I hope they come back for the 3rd time.

On concert day I had a massive migraine. I cannot begin to explain the migraine I had. It was so bad I was vomitting. Yeah, that bad. However, there was no way in hell I was going to miss this concert. So, I put the best earplugs I had in my ears, took a nausea pill and went.

Since I had two tickets, my husband wanted it to be a date night, but my 11 year old son wanted to go too. My husband won because we don’t get to do stuff together.

We had, in my opinion, great seats. They were across from the box seats. I felt bad for people on the floor because since it was seating, you literally couldn’t see over the next person to the stage.

Pvris was good, but I couldn’t understand a goddamn thing the girl was singing. The music rocked thought. Then the lead singer announced Awolnation and the crowd was ready to go.

They were my favorite act of the night. Aaron Bruno has the most energy I have every seen as a concert. He was constantly dancing and all about the show.

While I was cringing at the level of sound, even through my earplugs, I just couldn’t not enjoy this. I knew every song and was just so into it. I was able to get some pictures and video, but right now I just grabbed these off their instagram of our city. Damn they rocked the shit out of the house!


Look how amazing our arena looks! The Awolnation is real here! We are Awolnation!!!!

This image encompasses the energy of Aaron. This man just couldn’t stay still if he had too. Loved all his dance moves and pumping up the crowd.

I found this interview on YouTube and I found it so very real and honest. Just when you are going to give up, sometimes awesome shit happens. That’s what I love about his music. He started being his true self and the rewards came his way. His lyrics are very pro-woman, and his videos are imaginative. His lyrics are also something to make you think and not just complain about Mom and Dad.


Awolnation most popular albums:

Megalithic Symphony

awolnation megalithic symphony album wichita tour










awolnation run album wichita tour

How do you all feel about Awolnation? Have you heard of them before? Is Sail the only song you know of? That is what launched them into success, so I won’t judge. It is what I heard first, but it was an instant attraction to the band. Like I said earlier, I don’t listen to the radio, so I usually discover music through other people or recommendations from YouTube or iTunes. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts on the band. Good or bad.

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