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Damaged by H.M. Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Damaged is a nice, easy read. I read it in one day and I’m definitely not the fastest reader. It took a little over 4 hours.
This book doesn’t take any thought, and that it why I gave it 3 stars. I feel a bit cheater that we didn’t learn, or should I say, feel much of Sidney’s past. We had a small glimpse of it and that was all. I don’t feel like she grew as a person. She was still the guarded person she was at the beginning of the book
Now let’s talk about Peter a little bit. Ah, Peter, Peter, Peter. You sound hot, like really hot, but I feel like the author makes you out to be a little weak. At that scene at the end of the book, you didn’t step up to the plate.
I also didn’t find out anything about your story! Okay, so we found out 1/4 of the story. What happened to the girl? We know what happened to you, but what else happened on that dreaded night?
There is a book two, but am I interested enough to buy the 2nd one? Eh…..we’ll see. It was a nice, light read.

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  1. Lori says:

    Okay, I feel what you are saying about this one. I really liked the college student/professor thing and I feel like there was a nice romance budding here, but what is up with her family standing against her with accusations like hers? Not very realistic.. I am not sure if I want to read the next one either. Easy Read though.

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