I know, I’ve left you lonely

Now that I’ve slept 2 full days, I can say I can put 2 sentences together and let you know that I will plug my memory card in and give you the RT15 recap of your lives. I must, must, must tell you that I did meet my idol, Tiffany Resiz and we, or maybe it was just me, had a moment. As we poised for our pictures, I gave her that extra little stuffed animal hug and twist.

I honestly can’t remember if it was before or after all of the books that she signed, but I offered up my unworthy token of my beloved Soren book I made, and she deemed it worthy and she would treasure it. Sigh. She even put it on Facebook and Twitter for her leagues of lovers to basque in. I had a moment when another beloved author came up, told her that her book, The King, “was fucking awesome” (yeah it is) and then asked who made the book while I was standing there. I just gave the shy wave and Julie Kenner herself (whom I just spoke with) was like, “whoa.” (sigh)

Okay, that’s my omg moment for the night. Pictures to come tomorrow. Here’s a link to Tiffany’s page if you’re not following her:https://www.facebook.com/littleredridingcrop/photos/a.338210932930870.78966.338069736278323/830517017033590/?type=1&theater


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