The Moment of Letting Go by Jessica Redmerski

The Moment of Letting Go by Jessica Redmerski
New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author J. A. Redmerski brings us a heart-wrenching, stand-alone new adult novel to be released simultaneously in e and p for the first time. In THE MOMENT OF LETTING GO Sienna Murphy finally lands her dream job. It's everything she's ever wanted...or so she thought. When she's sent on a business trip to Hawaii, she meets Luke Everett, a guy who makes her want to forget all her responsibilities and give in to the promise happiness. As their passion grows, Luke makes Sienna start to question whether the carefully constructed life she leads is really as perfect as it seems.


The Moment of Letting Go by Jessica Redmerski. There are so many different ways to spin a story from that story. There are so many ways that if someone said that to you, that you could relate, right?
While making my way through the journey, because it was absolutely an emotional journey for me, through The Moment of Letting Go (TMOLG,) I found myself wrestling with my own inner demons, my own high and low times, my own unresolved issues and even having issues with decisions that the characters were making. Yeah, this is that kind of book.

There is always a little bit of magic in a great author’s book. That little something that you can’t put your finger on that makes it stand out, and the reason you find yourself giving it five stars. If you are looking to read a book with author magic, this is it for you.

TMOLG has fantastic character development, including the side characters. I couldn’t help loving them and worrying about their well being. While their role was small, it was still very important to the story as a whole.
Along with character development, TMOLG has breathtaking imagery development. I found myself looking up images of locations that Redmerski penned and was exciting to find that my brain and her words brought the worlds together perfectly.

I really could go on and on about how fabulous this book is. I think you get the idea that I enjoyed it very much. I don’t have a negative thing to say about it. I love learning new things, little factoids, even the most obscure information. This book had so much in it that I didn’t know about, and I enjoyed every word of it.

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