Wasted Lust by J.A. Huss Book Review

Wasted Lust by J.A. Huss Book Review
Sasha Cherlin died the night she let Nick Tate walk out on her for a life of crime. Her very essence was destroyed when they broke their promise to one another.
Nick Tate made his choice with her future in mind. He loved Sasha enough to know that leaving her behind was the only way to keep her safe.
Special Agent Jax Barlow understands the bond of love and he plans to use it to get justice. Nick and Sasha will do anything to rewrite their past. He’s counting on that to bring them down.
Wasted Lust is a 321 spin-off, full-length, romantic suspense filled with lies, secrets, and the power of redemption by the New York Times bestselling author, JA Huss.


Holy snikes.
I have so many feeling to process reading the final Company book. There are so many pieces that are still trying to fit together. So many pieces from each book that are swimming around in my brain that are screaming, “Holy Crap.”
What a way to wrap up a longer series. It was perfect. Complex, and perfect. I pride myself on being able to know what is coming around the corner, and you really can’t with Julie’s books. I love that about her. The pace is fast, like page constantly turning fast, and you really just can’t put any of them down. She makes you love each and every character, whether you really should or not. Honestly, she made it clear that her character James in her “Come” is crazy, but somehow most everyone loves him and doesn’t really notice. It’s pretty much all justified.
After not saying much about Sasha and her book, and the ending of the Company series, because I really can’t, all I can say is, go buy it without any regrets if you have loved all of Julie’s work so far, because you will love it so hard. It’s all that and a bag of potato chips.


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